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These products combine the advantages of advanced excellent PID and IR technology. The ECOPROBE 5 replaces a number of separate analysing devices with one small, compact instrument. It provides the user with the in-situ measurement of organic contaminants with selective analyses of methane, group of common petroleum hydrocarbons, CO2, O2, atmospheric pressure, sampling vacuum and soil temperature. A fully integrated automatic GPS data-logger, independent automatic monitoring station operation as well as powerful computer come with the ECOPROBE 5 as optional accessories.

The main advantages of the ECOPROBE 5 range are:

  • Simultaneous in-situ measurement using the time-integrated photo-ionization analyzer (PID) and 6-channel selective infra-red analyzer (Selective Methane, CO2, Group of petroleum hydrocarbons, N2O, H2S, Reference Channel).
  • Automatic re-zeroing before each measurement ensures perfect baseline stability and high accuracy of the resulting values.
  • Ruggedized, light-weight and compact strong construction make it ideal for use in the field.
  • Easy-to-read graphic display, user-friendly special operating system and data acquisition software.
  • Real-time correction of measured values for soil porosity, atmospheric/pumping pressure and temperature.
  • Automatic Monitoring Station Mode with no additional hardware/software.
  • Automatic logging of all measured data.
  • A powerful surface data-logging system for transparent, fast 3-D graphic visualization.
  • Fully integrated automatic GPS position logger (up to centimeter accuracy on request)
  • An integral user-calibration facility provides on-site fast calibration and advanced whole dynamic range calibration.
  • IrDA/RS232 interface with Win XP/w2k/Vista/7/8/10 compatible ECOPROBE_VIEW software, providing data transfer, graphic data acquisition and data spreadsheet for 3-D graphic outputs.
  • Reliable Oxygen reading.
  • Automatic date/time record for all stored data, built in adjustable acoustic alarm for all measured values.
  • Possible integration to the network of monitoring stations

More detailed information can be found in our product brochures and in our technical factsheet.

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