RS DYNAMICS portable instruments are based on our own, patented research results and the experience from -years old company history. Today’s success is based mainly on three product branches that are being sold on worldwide markets:

  • Security/Military Systems
  • Environmental Systems
  • Medtech Systems.

Security/Military Systems

RS DYNAMICS introduces new generation of portable detectors, identifiers and analyzers of explosives traces and radioactive materials, bringing new, revolutionary features in the field of portable explosives detectors/sniffers. New family of detectors/identifiers/analyzers represents advanced, sophisticated and easy-to-use tools for fast and reliable detection and determination of explosive and/or radioactive contrabands that can be found via finding molecular traces in luggages, cloth, laptops, cell phones, passports, bank notes and many other subjects. The system finds hidden bombs in rooms, boxes, cars, aircrafts, airports, cargo airport departments, department stores, train or sub-way stations, harbors and may serve as automatic additional confirmation detector for X-ray scanners at airports, banks, sport arenas, etc.

Environmental Systems

Mapping of sub-surface spread of poisonous contaminants was never so fast and easy! We introduce a new level of flexibility, convenience, and quality to in-situ detection and analysis of VOC`s and other contaminant indicators. Cost effective, definitive soil contaminant surveys which provide an unprecedented breadth of high precision data result from its combination of PID and IR detectors complemented by temperature, pressure and humidity data. A new dimension in detection and monitoring of toxic spills, impoundment leakage, and contaminant plumes, is provided by the simultaneous measurement of total soil gas / vapour concentration together with four channel selective analyses for methane, carbon dioxide, H2S, N2O , oxygen, and a group of petroleum hydrocarbons.

MedTech Systems

  • Currently no MedTech products are available in this branch, systems are under development.

In addition, we have several other products that can be customized to your special needs if in the range of our expertise. We are happy to help, please contact us either via our webform or by email service@rsdynamics.com