Explosives Trace Detection

Our complex security concept is based on general idea to provide affordable solution for early warning to possible security threads in dense network of checkpoint with related specialized centers for next deeper security screening. Each checkpoint can be equipped by easily handled simple sensitive device while security centres can evaluate suspicious situation in more details.

Our goal is not looking for dangerous contraband itself, we are searching for roots of potential security risks.

When searching for potential threats originating from explosives, one strategy is to search for traces of explosives on the most microscopic level. When a person comes into contact with explosives or its packaging, traces of explosives adhere to everything that the person subsequently comes into close contact with, such as mobile phones, various tickets or passports. This makes it possible to identify persons who have been in contact with explosives even when they do not have the contraband on them during the screening process. Of course this places high demands on the detection device, such as a extreme sensitivity together with low false alarm rate, ease of use, operational robustness and resistance against cross-talking chemicals (such as perfumes and other organic materials) and many other substances.

The basis for our patented EXPLONIX 2 and miniEXPLONIX 3 product range is our inovative IRSSIL (Infra_Red_Sampled_SelectIve_Luminescense) technology, used in two versions – IRSSIL-D (used at miniEXPLONIX 3 device), providing selective detection of explosive substances, and, IRSSIL-I (used at EXPLONIX 2 device), enhanced to the reliable identification of eplosive substances. This technology presents a combination of several new technological solutions to enhance their strengths and reliability. The innovative IRSSIL technology combines advanced controlled infrared scanning, enabling collection of traces of all non-volatile explosive traces followed by a special analytical process, based on precise control of the sample processing temperatures in addition to processing the time-sequenced week short peaks of created light, that is a base for distinguish between groups of explosives substances. As a main sensing element in our analytical system, we used the true, customer-made single photon sensitive photomultiplier with precise dynamic stabilisation of a signal baseline. This setup limits for instance the danger of oversaturation what can be a nightmare for the similar sensing systems.

The advantage of using our IRSSIL technology lies in its ability to pick up and recognize a real nano-traces of explosives, so we don’t need gather explosive material in a bulk amount for successful detection. IMS technology, on the other hand, is also very sensitives, but it can suffer from serious problems with overload, saturation and cleaning issues, together with so-called peak resolution – meaning that two different materials can appear as one when forming ions of similar size and mass, thus showing up as one substance on an IMS spectrum. Our IRSSIL solution, by contrast, is incomparably more robust in the capability to resist over-saturation and are absolutely free from any kind of cleaning problems. IRSSIL technology is also more robust in the real field use, resisting successfully various hard and changing climatic conditions (rapidly changing ambient moisture, temperature, dusting, e.t.c., providing unbeatable low level of false alarm rate!

In case that visible amount of the material is available, we can use our advanced Raman spectrometry using the miniSPECTRE instrument.