Environmental Products

The Complete Solution for In-Situ Soil and Groundwater Contamination Surveys

ECOPROBE 5 is the unique tool for:

  • Detection, delineation and monitoring of hydrocarbon and other organic contamination of soils and/or water table from fuel spills
  • Fast and convenient monitoring of UST and pipe-lines for leakage
  • Waste dumps & agricultural waste measurement
  • Monitoring of contaminant plume migration
  • Monitoring of in-situ bio-remediation processes
    Detection and monitoring of Methane effluence over closed coal mines
  • Detection and monitoring of gaseous toxins in industrial plants and agriculture
  • Detection and monitoring of contaminant effluents from various fittings sealing in chemical/petrochemical industry. Meets EPA 21 standards.
  • Air pollution monitoring

ECOPROBE 5 is the highly sensitive, portable multi-function analytical system which replaces a number of separate analyzing devices with one unbelievably small , compact instruments

ECOPROBE 5 provides:

  • Selective IR analyses of Methane, Petroleum Hydrocarbons and CO2 combined with ultra-sensitive PID analyses of Total Organic Compounds.
  • Complemented with O2, atmospheric pressure, sampling vacuum and soil temperature readings
  • Fully integrated automatic GPS data-logger
  • Independent automatic monitoring station operation
  • Built-in powerful computer, graphic screen, sampling pump, batteries
  • Win95/98/NT compatible
    and much more….