RS DYNAMICS offers customer oriented solutions in several application areas, as military/security fields, environmental applications (earth science and groundwater contamination mapping) and medical technologies based on our own patented research and development. The company is active in all three sectors with a dense worldwide distribution network and professional support of company’s products.


  • Security: specialized explosives and narcotics traces detection devices/sniffers together with combination of explosives traces/radioactive material sniffers that are foremost suitable for real field use even in very hostile conditions to have quick and reliable results.
  • Earth Sciences: specialized technology, mapping methodology and instruments for fast, reliable and effective mapping of the sub-surface spread of various poisonous contamination of underground soil structure and underground water. Moreover, gas and other measurements  support either researchers for instance in climate measurements and/or exports in the area of environment contamination for fast, precise and reliable measurements.
  • Medtech: project in the area of early stage breast cancer detection and support instruments for researchers in medical technologies to achieve high accuracy for a reasonable price.


In today’s globalized world, authorities around the world are being confronted with an increasing number of threats to citizens, businesses and institutions. RS DYNAMICS is meeting these needs first and foremost with a range of explosives traces detection (ETD) products based on our own unique patented research. We can successfully fulfil needs of our customers that want to detect mainly very small invisible traces of explosives rather than bulk amount of interest matters, like e.g. Raman technologies needs.

Customers continue to value RS DYNAMICS for our unbeatable combination of truly portable devices. They are easy to use, robust, reliable and precise. Any venue that could face bomb threats (including homemade explosives or dirty bombs) such as nuclear power plants, sports arenas, airports or border control, can make valuable use of our EXPLONIX, miniEXPLONIX or microRAMAN range. With many hundreds of units sold worldwide, our instruments have a proven record of accomplishment for use in almost all conceivable conditions.

Critical Infrastructure

Clients worldwide rely on RS DYNAMICS as a valuable resource for counteracting the threat of terrorist attacks, ranging from oil and gas facilities to nuclear power plants and organizations such as banks – anywhere in high-risk infrastructures where fast, reliable and fast security detection is needed. RS DYNAMICS offers an ETD security concept consisting of a combination of EXPLONIX and miniEXPLONIX devices, delivering a fast, effective and discrete combination of checkpoint and mobile applications. Visible amount of chemical contraband can by quicky analyzed by microRAMAN spectrometer.

Mass Transportation

Threats from terrorist attacks are also present in public transportation facilities. This implies the need for tools that cover not only checkpoints and gateways but also field applications, ideally with very portable and handheld devices. RS DYNAMICS can meet this need with portable swiping instruments such as the EXPLONIX for the detection and identification of explosives and radioactive contrabands, and handheld devices such as the miniEXPLONIX where there is a need for fast action to identify threats combined with extremely simple and user-friendly operation.

Customs and borders

The RS DYNAMICS-created security concept, consisting of combination of miniEXPLONIX, EXPLONIX and microRAMAN instruments, offers an unbeatable solution for checkpoint and mobile applications for quick and reliable ETD Detection / Raman spectroscopy results even on the move.

This concept offers through the battery mobility the real field solution with fast response to various threads and reliability of detection / identification. The analysis of potential threats has never been easier before.

Military and First Responders

With the EXPLONIX, miniEXPLONIX, and microRAMAN, RS DYNAMICS offers two highly reliable, robust and precise instruments to increase security for those on the frontlines. Both products are especially designed for use in the field anywhere in the world. They are consistently praised for their robustness even in high and low temperatures and humidity, and for their minimal supply requirements. In addition to explosives detection the portable EXPLONIX also offers identification of gunshot residuals and radioactive materials. This makes a combination of both instruments highly suitable for checkpoint applications even on a one-spot basis, as they come in small, easy transportable packages.

Event Management and VIP Protection

Sports and other major events are becoming much more of a potential target for terrorist attacks. This increases the need for reliable but efficient solutions for the detection of explosives, including homemade ones. In situations like this, a reliable but fast method of risk detection at checkpoints that does not stop the flow of visitors is vital, combined with a very light, reliable detection device that can be as mobile and fast as the security personnel who operate it. The EXPLONIX, miniEXPLONIX and microRAMAN provide just such a combination for use at major events in order to ensure a pleasant and safe experience.

Earth Sciences

The detection of organic contaminants such as Light Non-Aqueous Phase Liquids (LNAPL) and Dense Non-Aqueous Phase Liquids (DNAPL) in the sub-surface has been the subject of considerable interest among earth-scientists in recent years.

NAPL contamination may differentiate into at least four distinct forms, each of which has unique chemical and geophysical characteristics. There is a free product which is mobile or free to migrate under gravitational pull. Secondly, the residual phase is that portion which is left behind after the free product has migrated. Thirdly, volatile NAPLs may have developed a vapor phase plume in the space above the free product and the residual product. Finally, small amounts of hydrocarbon may enter the aquifer as a dissolved phase.

Our main product platform is the ECOPROBE, now in its fifth generation, delivers a new level of flexibility, convenience, and quality to in-situ detection and analysis of VOC`s and other contaminant indicators. Its cost-effective, definitive soil contaminant surveys provide an unprecedented breadth of high precision data results from the combined use of PID and IR detectors complemented by temperature, pressure and other custom data. A new dimension in the detection and monitoring of toxic spills, impoundment leakage and contaminant plumes is provided by the simultaneous measurement of total soil gas/vapor concentration together with four-channel selective analyses for methane, carbon dioxide, oxygen, and petroleum hydrocarbons.

RS DYNAMICS can also offer individual customized solutions for the ECOPROBE range based on your particular research needs. Please feel free to contact us at service@rsdynamics.com.

Soil and Underground Water Contamination Mapping/Monitoring

The main usage of the new technology presented is in the field of subsurface soil and underground water contamination mapping/monitoring. The new methodology and instrumentation represents a powerful tool for fast, cost-effective in-situ mapping of various organic contaminants including some poisonous substances in the subsurface environment.

Widely used by number of scientific institutes and universities world-wide, as well as soil cleaning service companies our new technology brings unbeatable speed and reliability in mapping of the subsurface contamination plume. Very often, time is a crucial factor in blocking of the subsurface contaminant spread; our technology enables fast action against dynamically moving contamination by dangerous chemical compounds.

Stationary Monitoring Systems

Special applications as monitoring of the product leakage from the underground or surface storage reservoirs require a stationary version of our popular gas analysers. We supply the completed network of stationary monitoring stations equipped with various standards of wire-less communications and data collection/graphic interpretation software. The instruments are housed in robust aluminium/plastic cases able to be installed in rough environment.


Some highlights within our stationary monitoring systems are:

  • Network of monitoring stations (or individual station) located on the surface of large area evaluates the leakage of product from surface or underground locations.
  • Scalable client / server architecture.
  • Very deep touch of monitoring – up to 1500 meters (in case of underground pressurized gas reservoirs).
  • Measuring unit can simultaneously evaluate also a seismic data.
  • Selection of about 200 gases for selective monitoring with various detecting principles.
  • Extreme sensitivity with huge dynamic range – up to 0.01 – 10 000ppm caches and evaluates the smallest leakage in very early stage
  • Automatic zeroing secures unique zero stability.
  • Each station is completely independent self-sufficient operation, individual stations communicate wireless (WiFi, GSM/LTE), measuring parameters can be changed remotely, autonomous measurement can be remotely overtake into full manual via remote control.
  • Calibration check “in-situ”
  • Graphical output with overview to the whole network with ALARM signalization.
  • History of measured data is visualized remotely for each station independently in tabular and graphic form, possible export to 3-D visualization software
  • Robust construction for outdoor installation.

Research Projects & Special Applications

The ECOPROBE range has been successfully used within several research projects around the world. Selected case studies can be found in the Case Study section.

Our technology is based on the application of PID (see technology section) and is therefore capable to catch a wide range of volatile substances. The largest group of compounds measured by a PID are the Organics – compounds containing Carbon molecules. These include:

  • Aromatics (compounds including a benzene ring such as benzene, ethyl benzene, toluene and xylene.
  • Ketones & Aldehydes – compounds with C=O bond including: acetone, methyl ethyl ketone and acetaldehyde.
  • Amines & Amides – Carbon compounds containing Nitrogen, like diethyl amine.
  • Chlorinated hydrocarbons – trichloroethylene, perchloroethylene.
  • Sulfur compounds – mercaptans
  • Unsaturated hydrocarbons – like butane and octane
  • Ammonia (Inorganic)
  • Semiconductor gases – Arsine (Inorganic), Phosphine
  • Nitric Oxide
  • Bromine and Iodine

For specific customer requirements has been developed customized extension of the instrument that can evaluate also H2S or NO2 gases.

Micromagnetic Instruments present a special instrument within our research range. Highly sensitive, three axes magnetometers based on high-tech flux-gate sensors for stationary or portable application. Able to work as a high accuracy Earth’s magnetic field base station, as well as portable three-axes magnetometer with intelligent GPS data logger and graphic output.

Medical Technologies

RS DYNAMICS is currently working in co-operation with its sister company Aequatix LLC and chosen academic partners on a groundbreaking device for early cancer detection. This device benefits from our 25 years of experience in practical applications of science using handheld products.

Previous experience within the Medtech field do include among others a research project at the third medical faculty at the renowned Charles University in Prague where RS DYNAMICS developed and delivered the basic instrumentation. A large-volume with multi-coil system for compensating of Earth’s magnetic field for studies of influence of magnetic field on development of living subjects has been developed.  Experimental system allows generate zero, or defined magnetic field in a large 3D space. The large dimensions and CAD design and optimisation of the whole multicoil system brings the unique suppression of the 3-D gradient of compensated magnetic field. The large volume of about 200 liters of compensated space in the system centre, featuring less than 2 nT deviation from zero magnetic field is available.