The EXPLONIX uses the unique IRSSIL-I technology for both fast and precise detection and the identification of explosives traces, gunshot residuals and radioactive contrabands in a wide field of operations. Its detection and identification capability covers a wide range of explosives, including homemade explosives as well as non-tagged explosives, gunshot residuals and radioactive contrabands from military and industrial sources.

“The first combined detector/sniffer/identifier of explosive traces and radioactive materials on the world market !!

The EXPLONIX has a built-in internal calibration system and fast cleaning times that are superior to those of competing products. The product also offers significant versatility in the use of swiping techniques and a direct trace mode for small, closed spaces. The EXPLONIX is a robust, precise tool designed for real field military use. In combination with its low maintenance costs and expenses for disposables / consumables, the EXPLONIX is way ahead of its competitors, combining clinical advantages with low total ownership costs. This brings a total new experience for easy, cost-effective and reliable field use.

The main advantages of the EXPLONIX

  • New IRSSIL-I  technology for fast detection, reliable identification, fast cleaning and extreme resistance to interfering chemicals
  • No radioactive source inside
  • Fast start-up (up to 1 minute only) and detection (1-2 sec.) and identification (28 sec.)
  • Recognizes all ICAO standard and military/industrial explosives in the picogram/nanogram range, including TATP and other homemade explosives and all plastic explosives (PETN / HMX / RDX-based explosives) even without taggant
  • Easy, user-friendly one-button operation with automatic data collection and pre-set profiles for rapid deployment
  • Various detection methods possible: Areal Swiping, patented Needle Sampling and 2 Vapor Modes
  • Automatic cleaning of sampling needle after use
  • Automatic calibration of all analytical channels
  • Dimensions: 105 x 260 x 170 mm (including handle)
  • Battery operation: up to 4 hours (in detection mode)
  • Weight: 3.2 kg without batteries, 3.9 kg including batteries
  • Remote factory diagnoses and calibration via Internet
  • Full remote control via wire, WiFi or Internet from your laptop

More detailed information can be found in our product brochure and specifications.

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