Case Studies

To give you an overview of how our earth science instruments can be successfully applied into different customer needs please take a look at the following case studies:

  • Mapping and Delinating and Monitoring of Hydrocarbon Contamination:

Ecological accidents where hydrocarbons have been spilt or leaked into the ground are typical and most common examples where the highly portable ECOPROBE 5 instrument offers the fastest and most cost-effective way for mapping, delineating and monitoring of the contaminant pollution. See: CaseStudy1.pdf

  • Pipeline Ruptures Locating

Using ECOPROBE 5 for hydrocarbon leakage detection along the pipeline route is remarkably fast and convenient. ECOPROBE 5 instruments have been used for many

pipeline rupture assessments, where petroleum hydrocarbon products were leaking into the ground. Leaking pipelines usually cause large fresh hydrocarbon contaminations, which give out huge amounts of hydrocarbon vapors. Those are easily detectable with ECOPROBE 5 on the surface without the necessity of making sampling holes into the ground. See: CaseStudy2.pdf

  • Detection & Monitoring of Methane Effluence Over Closed Coal Mining Sites 

Closed mines cause enormous difficulties as natural methane is trapped and cannot escape from the shaft sealing. ECOPROBE 5 provides selective measurements of methane and CO2. These two parameters are especially suitable for surface survey over closed mines, and together with other ECOPROBE 5 parameters provide a perfect overview on the surveyed region. See: CaseStudy3.pdf

  • Landfil Monitoring:

The ECOPROBE 5 method brings a perfect overview about the contaminated area and offers a solution for landfill environmental tasks. Landfill Monitoring.doc

  • Automatic Monitoring of Natural Gas Effluence Over Underground Gas Reservoirs / Storage Tanks

Strategic gas reservoirs are located deep within large solid igneous rock massifs. Gas from these reservoirs may expand along geological faults and other geological heterogeneities. In this way, gas can penetrate into surrounding environment and severely impact on the security of the entire region. ECOPROBE 5 provides selective measurement, at very low detection limits, of methane plus groups of hydrocarbons ensuring that even very small amounts of natural gas possibly seeping in from deep spots along the geological faults, can be detected. See: CaseStudy4.pdf