Scientific Literature about Soil Contamination Survey

Articles for download:

1. Review of Chemical, Physical, and Toxicologic Properties of Components of Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons

2. Screening Site Contamination Using Pathway Exposure Factors

3. Laboratory Studies of Steam Stripping of LNAPL-Contaminated Soils

4. The Effect of Soil-Particle Size on Hydrocarbon Entrapment Near a Dynamic Water Table

5. Measurement of the Apparent Diffusion Coefficient of N-Butane in Soil

6. Bench-Scale Evaluation of Asphalt Emulsion Stabilization of Contaminated Soils

7. A Decision Framework for Selecting Remediation Technologies at Hydrocarbon-Contaminated Sites

8. Estimation of Effective Cleanup Radius for Soil-Vapor Extraction Systems

9. Impact of Surrogate Selection on Risk Assessment for Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons

10. Cleanup Standards for Petroleum Hydrocarbons. Part 1. Review of Methods and Recent Developments

11. Sequential Extraction Analysis of Lead in Michigan Roadside Soils: Mobilization in the Vadose Zone by Deicing Salts?

12. Exposure Factors Manual

13. Slow Vapor-Phase Desorption of Toluene from Several Ion-Exchanged Montmorillonites

14. Gas Phase Photocatalytic Degradation on TiO2 Pellets of Volatile Chlorinated Organic Compounds from a Soil Vapor Extraction Well

15. Background Levels of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH) and Selected Metals in New England Urban Soils

16. Transport and Fate of Chlorinated Hydrocarbons in the Vadose Zone — A Literature Review with Discussions on Regulatory Implications

17. Calculation of Soil Cleanup Criteria for Volatile Organic Compounds as Controlled by the Soil-to-Groundwater Pathway: Comparison of Four Unsaturated Soil Zone Leaching Models

18. Passive Volatilization of Gasoline from Soil

19. Laboratory Studies of Air Stripping of VOC-Contaminated Soils

20. Chemical Aspects Of Cold-Mix Asphalt Incorporating Contaminated Soil

21. Vacuum-Enhanced Recovery of Water and NAPL: Concept and Field Test

22. Evaluation of the Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon (TPH) Standard for JP-4 Jet Fuel

23. Organic Emissions from Petroleum-Contaminated Soil Fixed in Concrete

24. The Development of Chemical-Specific, Risk-Based Soil Cleanup Guidelines Results in Timely and Cost-Effective Remediation

25. Geochemical Behavior of Lead in an Alfisol and an Ultisol at High Levels of Contamination

26. Coloration Changes of Geologic Media After Addition of Gasoline, Diesel Fuel, and Ethylbenzene

27. The Effect of Interfacial Tension on Hydrocarbon Entrapment and Mobilization Near a Dynamic Water Table