Advanced Vain Finder

QUALMEDI Vein Finder use advanced infrared imaging technology to provide real-time accurate vein digital image on patient’s skin. Help medical staff observe vein structure then evaluate a best puncture position. This will improve the success rate and relieve the patient’s pain of venipuncture.

  • Light and portable, easy to operate.
  • Infrared source is harmless to human body.
  • Apply to Pediatrics, Oncology, Radiology, Plastic Surgery, Laboratory, Emergency, Outpatient, Vascular Surgery
Vain Finder
Instrument Holster
Mobile Stand


Artificial Intelligence Algorithm Improve project smoothness and Accuracy. Filtering other interference factors that are not conducive to puncture. It makes the venous projection clear and intuitive. Greatly improve the success rate of puncture.

Demountable Lithium Battery Independent battery compartment design supports battery replacement. It is convenient for customer to use backup battery for emergency. This feature can make device get super long endurance time when preparing a standy battery.

Professional Air Circulation System Improve the Air circulation to make heat dissipation timely, which can increase machine service life. With less heat emission hole also is good for aesthetics and dustproof.

Customization Function Advanced program support device function customization according to customer preferences. Such as adding color, changing project character, adapting project size, etc. 

Use case examples