ECOPROBE 5 – Advantages

Here is what you get…

Wide-spectrum PID and 4-channel selective IR soil analytical system plus a powerful computer, all-in-one, highly portable case !
100% data PC compatibility for fast 3D mapping
Simultaneous in-situ measurement of 8 values at one measuring station (VOC concentration from PID, Selective Methane, Total Petroleum and CO2 concentration from the IR analyzer, O2, Soil temperature, Sampling vacuum and Ambient pressure). This breadth of data considerably improves the overall quality of measurement. The response time is < 1 second !
Measured data are compensated for the effect of Methane, Soil porosity/permeability, Pressure & Soil temperature
On screen real time measurement process, indicating soil parameters and contaminant behavior
Fully integrated GPS positioning system with an accuracy of 3 meters to centimeters (optional).
Ultra-high sensitivity of both the IR and PID analyzers enables identification of even traces of contamination!
Automatic monitoring station — just preset the sampling interval and leave the instrument wherever needed. The ECOPROBE 5 will do the work for you. Wireless control / data download available via GSM data network (optional).

Fast return of your investment !
Here is what you save…


Costly lab analyses are now a thing of the past! EPA based calibration in the field within 2 minutes. Immediate recognition between old and recent contamination!
In-situ measurement at each station (all 8 values) takes less than 1 minute You save by not repeating measurements!
Single man operation
The system configuration smoothes out inconsistent factors and eliminates interpretation errors: You save by having fast, reliable and precise data!
Fast in-situ mapping of contaminant spread/actual migration saves a lot of money that would otherwise need to be spent on remediation. Immediate on screen graphic results: Saves time needed for decisions where to extend/continue the survey!
A versatile and powerful Standard or GPS data logger facilitates the production of contour maps from ECOPROBE_VIEW system software in only a few minutes! (further processing by Surfer, Geosoft, RockWare, e.t.c. available)Saves time & money otherwise spent in time-consuming data interpretation!
GPS logger enables fast and accurate mapping of large sites. No geodetic location needed: You save by eliminating geodetic work!