ECOPROBE 5 – Application

With the very high sensitivity of the PID, the instrument has capability that reaches well beyond the standard soil contamination survey. Effectiveness in the detection and monitoring of contaminant spills and plume migration is substantially enhanced by the incorporation of ancillary data. The extremely high zero stability, combined with suppression of Methane by the PID analyzer, provides a detection capability undiminished by natural hydrocarbon occurrence, ensuring the application of optimum sensitivity levels. UST and pipeline leakage detection and localization are further extensions of the soil contaminant application, as the tracking of contamination from agricultural waste. Less obvious applications are to be found in the detection and monitoring of organic toxins in industrial fields. Minute traces of gas can be an indication of approaching breakdown of a shaft seal or packing in a process vessel with externally driven components. Real time continuous display mode makes localization of leakage with pinpoint accuracy a reality. Further application incorporating the IR, Oxygen and temperature detection are found in the in-situ monitoring of bio-remediation, where bacteria consume oxygen, and generate heat along with Methane and Carbon Dioxide. Routine periodic repetition of sampling at fixed locations can track both the progress and health or effectiveness of the process, as the results provide a clear indication of bacterial activity as well as contaminant concentration.

Basic applications

  • Detection, delineation and monitoring of hydrocarbon and other organic contamination of soils and/or water table from fuel spills
  • Fast and convenient monitoring of UST and pipe-lines for leakage
  • Waste dumps & agricultural waste measurement
  • Monitoring of contaminant plume migration
  • Monitoring of in-situ bio-remediation processes
  • Detection and monitoring of Methane effluence over closed coal mines
  • Detection and monitoring of gaseous toxins in industrial plants and agriculture
  • Detection and monitoring of contaminant effluents from various fittings sealing in chemical/petrochemical industry.
  • Meets EPA 21 standards
  • Air pollution monitoring