We have used ECOPROBE successfully for many years and we do not want to change it for ECOPROBE 5. Is ECOPROBE 4 still on the market?

ECOPROBE 4 is discontinued product. ECOPROBE 4 comprises only PID analyzer and did not offer the advanced features which ECOPROBE 5 provides. Once you learn how to work with ECOPROBE 5, you will never want to return to its previous model. And if you once have worked with ECOPROBE 4, it is easy to make the step to the next model, comprising latest technology, a powerful computer, combination of highly sensitive PID + 3 channel selective Infra-red analyzer capable of selective reading of Methane, CO2 and Hydrocarbon group. ECOPROBE 5 also measures temperature, ambient and sampling pressure, oxygen, includes built-in GPS and much more…