Specifications – miniEXPLONIX 3


Without batteries: 0.400 kg
With batteries: 0.685 kg


Length: 249 mm
Hight: 48 mm minimum – 55 mm maximum
Width: 65 mm


  • Extremely user-friendly and easy to operate – using only one button. First press: start-up, second press: measurement, third longer press: switch-off.
  • All operational parameters configurable from PC; Password protected.
  • PC connection: WiFi, USB 2.0, RS 232
  • Android mobile platform compatible via WiFi


  • NO special operator’s training required, easy operation understandable to any operator without special qualification
  • Easy and simple training of expert/commander to set-up operational parameters via PC

Remote control:

  • All operations remotely controllable via PC/ Android remote control software through WiFi, USB 2.0, RS 232 or Internet (TCP/IP Protocol)
  • Android mobile platform remote control via WiFi
  • Ideal for robotic applications, one-minute installation
  • Remote data download and configuration
  • Factory remote checking, service and calibration:
  • Available through any Internet connection (WiFi or cable network connection)
  • Capability to remote factory check & fix of all small problems and calibration.
  • RS DYNAMICS checking server available 24/7

Power Supply:

  • One LiPol Battery pack (two packs optional)
  • Battery charger operable from 100 to 250 V AC included
  • Car adapter – CLA Charger 12V DC (optional)

Affordable Consumables:

  • Detector cartridge (enough for 4000 to 6000 measurements)
  • RS DYNAMICS Sampling Strips


  • No radioactive source inside the unit
  • No toxic materials inside the unit (excl. consumables – batteries, det. cartridges)
  • Product fully recyclable at supplier side