ECOPROBE 5 – Specifications

ECOPROBE 5 is the highly sensitive, portable multi-function analytical system which provides optimum power & flexibility for efficient, low-cost Soil Contamination Surveys / Toxic Gas Monitoring with the following features:

Simultaneous in-situ measurement of using the time integrated photo-ionization analyzer (PID) and 6-channel selective infra-red analyzer (IR).
Automatic re-zeroing before each measurement ensures perfect baseline stability and high accuracy of the resulting values.
Ruggedized, light-weight and compact of strong construction making it entirely suitable for the field environment.
Easy to read graphic display, user-friendly operating system & data acquisition software.
Real time correction of measured values for soil porosity, atmospheric / pumping pressure and temperature.
Automatic Monitoring Station Mode without any additional hardware/software. Automatic logging of all measured data.
A powerful surface data logging system for transparent and fast 3-D graphic visualization.
Fully integrated automatic GPS Position Logger (up to centimeter accuracy) is referenced to the WDS 84 coordinate system and also supports surface format “in meters” for un-demanding operator navigation.
An integral user calibration facility provides on-site fast calibration and advanced whole dynamic range calibration.
IrDA/RS232 interface with Win9x/NT4.0 /2000 compatible ECOPROBE_VIEW software, providing data transfer, graphic data acquisition and data spreadsheet for 3-D graphic outputs.
Reliable Oxygen reading.
Automatic date/time record for all stored data, built in adjustable acoustic alarm for all measured values.


(Photo-ionization analyzer) measures total level of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other toxic gases including chlorinated hydrocarbons to sub-ppb levels with the following characteristics:
Detection limit: 2 ranges 0.1 ppm / 0.1 ppb
0.1 ppb zero stability
Response time: 0.1 sec; Sampling rate: 10 samples/sec.
ppb resolution, choice of peak or integrated values
Indication of soil porosity/permeability
Internal automatic calibration for quantitative vapor phase determination for about 200 compounds
Zero response for Methane (Methane measured separately by IR unit)
Large dynamic range (0.1 ppb to 4000 ppm), fast response
Ion lamp 10.6/10.2 eV (other energy levels are optional)
ppm or mg/m3 (ppb or µg/m3) output


(Infra-red analyzer) comprises 4 independent channels for selective analyses of Methane, Petroleum Hydrocarbons and CO2 with ppm resolution and the following characteristics:
Methane: 0 -500 000 ppm, detection limit 100 ppm (for Methane)
Petroleum Hydrocarbons: 0-500 000 ppm, detection limit 30 ppm (for THC)
Carbon Dioxide: 0-500 000 ppm, detection limit 20ppm

N2O: 0-20000 ppm

H2S: 0-2000 ppm

Reference Channel
Other channel & ranges optional
Response time: 0.8 sec; Sampling rate: 10 samples/sec
ppm or mg/m3 output

Other readings

Oxygen, 0-100 %
Soil temperature: deg. F,C; (+/- 0.1C, resolution 0.01C)
Sampled gas temperature: deg. F, C
Ambient pressure / sampling vacuum (mbar, Torr, psi, kPa), accuracy 0.1%, resolution 0.01%
Dimensions: 105 x 260 x 170 mm (including handle), weight: 3 kg
Shipping Weight: 13 kg (incl. probes, calibration kit, accessories)
Power Supply: internal rechargeable battery
Memory Capacity: about 100 000 measurements
Output: RS 232 cable or infra-red interface
Data Format: ASCII, EXCEL, GRAPHER, SURFER or user programmable format
Display: full graphic back-lite LCD
Keyboard Input: multi-function sealed keys
Operating System: Win 9x/NT4.0 /2000 compatible
Internal Air Pump: membrane vacuum pump with programmable speed 0.25 – 4 liters/minute
Automatic calibration of all measuring channels