RS DYNAMICS brings solutions for detection of explosives, narcotics and radioactive materials as well as in-situ detection and analysis of organic contaminants in soils and underground water sources.


We are taking part at The 10th International Defense, HLS & Cyber Expo. Visit us in Tel-Aviv, Israel, 4-6 June 2019.
Looking forward to meet at our booth number 8011!

ISDEF is an event that brings the relevant decision-makers and practitioners together to enhance international strategic cooperation and dialogue.

We are proud to introduce you our products:


  • Portable trace detector / identifier of explosives & radioactivity
  • Swipe & needle sampling analytical mode
  • Vapor and GunShot residuas mode



  • The first true handheld and miniature explosives detector/sniffer with full detection capabilities on the world market.
  • Extremely fast start-up (5-15 sec.) and detection (1-2 sec.)
  • Very easy to use with one-touch-button operation


  • Wide-spectrum PID and 4-channel selective IR soil analytical system
  • Simultaneous in-situ measurement of PID, Selective Methane, Total Petroleum and CO2 concentration from the IR analyzer, O2, Soil temperature, Sampling vacuum and Ambient pressure
  • The response time is < 1 second



  • Advanced Raman spectrometer for detailed identification
  • Highest accuracy and reliability in identification of explosives, narcotics, chemical warfare, hazardous material and pharmaceutical products.
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We provide the lastest high technologies in trace and bulk detection and identification of explosives, narcotics, radioactiactive materials, warefare agents, phaurmaceutical and various hazardous materials. In environmental field we offer special instrumentation and methodology for monitoring subsurfaces soil structures, contamination, dynamic migration of the contaminant and contamination monitoring of underground water sources.

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