miniSPECTRE – old

The miniSPECTRE, an advanced Raman spectrometer delivers the highest accuracy and reliability in chemical identification for a range of response scenarios in military and civilian first responders applications. miniSPECTRE detects and identifies:

  • explosives
  • narcotics
  • chemical warfare
  • harazdous materials
  • pharmaceutical products

“Advanced Raman Spectrometer for detailed identification”

With internal battery pack: 950 g

Length: 270 mm
Height: 43 mm
Width: 72 – 99 mm

Technical parameters

Identification of pure substances, available in built-in libraries, in liquid or solid form under ideal lab condition. Operator’s added substances possible.

  • Laser type: semiconductor laser
  • Laser output power: 3 levels available, max 300mW
  • Floating-lens laser optics for accurate identification and penetration through various container materials
  • Exposure: manual and automatic mode with presetable scan delay
  • Max spectral range: 400 cm-1 to 2 300 cm-1
  • Spectral resolution: 8-10 cm-1
  • Detector type: Linear CCD Array
  • Connectivity: USB 2.0, WiFi Battery: Li-Ion battery for up to 100 hours operation per one charge
  • External power supply: USB – C 100 Watts, 110 – 240 V AC, Car adapter 12 V DC with CLA socket optional
  • Operating temperature: -20 °C to +50 °C
  • Storage temperature: -30 °C to +50 °C
  • Robotic integration: Windows-based remote console and customer mechanical adapters (optional)
  • Included accessories: dust-proof/water-proof case (IP 67) case, shoulder strap, USB cable, laser aperture cap with calibration target, sample vials, point-and-shoot adapter, vial holder, 90° angle adapter, attachment point, AC Adapter for Charging.

Factory remote checking, service and calibration

  • Available through any Internet connection (WiFi or cellular or satellite or cable network connection)
  • Capability to remote factory check & fix of all small problems and calibration.


  • No radioactive source inside the unit
  • No toxic materials inside the unit (excl. battery pack)
  • Product fully recyclable at supplier side
  • Operating environment temperature: -20 °C to +50 °C (conditions specified in User Manual


  • No special operator’s training required, easy operation understandable to any  operator without special qualification
  • Easy and simple training of expert/commander to set-up operational parameters via PC


  • No consumables required

The main advantages of the miniSPECTRE:

  • Adaptable for various scanning scenarios with 3 laser output levels
  • Advanced Raman Spectrometry system for detailed identification even thought closed/sealed containers with floating-lens laser optics
  • Identifies the widest spectrum of substances including explosives, narcotics, chemical warfare agents, hazardous materials, pharmaceutical products
  • 5 extensive libraries (optional) of detected materials are open for operator’s update with unknown compounds
  • Advanced mixture identification due to sophisticated determination algorithm
  • Heavy-duty, robust case designed for the hardest field conditions, IP67 protection, with reliable cap-sense keyboard operable also in protection gloves
  • User friendly and intuitive operation through the simplest possible controls and single hand operation
  • Robotic integration includes full remote wire-less operation and mechanical robot mounts
  • Full wired or wire-less remote control (also works via Internet) equipped with factory remote diagnostics and first-level service
  • Large color display readable also under direct sunshine with self-explanatory graphic output
  • Fast USB – C / WiFi data connection with rapid charging capabilities (100W USB-C charger)
  • No operational consumables

More detailed information can be found in our product brochure and specifiations.