The Security Sector

In today’s globalized world, authorities around the world are being confronted with an increasing number of threats to citizens, businesses and institutions. RS DYNAMICS is meeting these needs first and foremost with a range of explosives trace detection (ETD) products based on our own unique patented research. We can successfully fulfil needs of our customers that want to detect mainly very small invisible traces of explosives rather than bulk amount of interest matters, like e.g. Raman technologies needs.

Customers continue to value RS DYNAMICS for our unbeatable combination of truly portable devices. They are easy to use, robust, reliable and precise. Any venue that could face bomb threats (including homemade explosives or dirty bombs) such as nuclear power plants, sports arenas, airports or border control, can make valuable use of our EXPLONIX, miniEXPLONIX or miniSPECTRE range. With many hundreds of units sold worldwide, our instruments have a proven record of accomplishment for use in almost all conceivable conditions.