Medical Technologies

RS DYNAMICS is currently working in co-operation with its sister company Aequatix LLC and chosen academic partners on a groundbreaking device for early cancer detection. This device benefits from our 25 years of experience in practical applications of science using handheld products.

Previous experience within the Medtech field do include among others a research project at the third medical faculty at the renowned Charles University in Prague where RS DYNAMICS developed and delivered the basic instrumentation. A large-volume with multi-coil system for compensating of Earth’s magnetic field for studies of influence of magnetic field on development of living subjects has been developed.  Experimental system allows generate zero, or defined magnetic field in a large 3D space. The large dimensions and CAD design and optimisation of the whole multicoil system brings the unique suppression of the 3-D gradient of compensated magnetic field. The large volume of about 200 liters of compensated space in the system centre, featuring less than 2 nT deviation from zero magnetic field is available. For details, please see the attached pdf-file (absence.pdf).